Fanfare Geekfest

I always thought it was strange that anime and gaming conventions took place in hotels. The locations sometimes feel impersonal; their ballrooms expecting tall men in grey suits and tables with long white runners and company-purchased buffets. 

Still, there's an odd glamour about it - a small swell of pride one feels when walking through thickly carpeted halls that are more full of giddy cosplayers than businessmen. The 16-year-old girl with her homemade costume might spend the night in the same bed that a guest speaker for some corporate event slept in a few days before, her heartbeat pressing into her throat.

Sure, it's all just walls and floors and ceilings. Its creamy antique palette was not designed to be the backdrop for the polyester colours of anime. But somehow, despite all that, the strange rooms become home for those they least expect.